Getting Organized :The Fridge

We talked about the need to get back to our workouts Here And how we were changing our food prep and shopping Here and Here

Next I thought I would attack food storage!

My refrigerator before:

I pulled everything out to see what I had to work with. Then I used a soapy cloth and wiped the whole thing down….I am not ready to talk about it yet…eww!

Next I combined or tossed, for example I had three jars of pickles…same brand and type with one pickle each, no idea!

Storage for left-overs was an issue:

I picked up this set for less than $20 at our local WalMart!

I made a list of anything I noticed we were out of or running low on. Then put it all back in my new clean fridge!

The best part is it took less than 30 minutes to bless my home and family with a clean organized space. Next up the freezer!

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